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01 May 2013 @ 02:42 pm
Forcing it back  
I'm trying to force my way back into LJ. The idea: any time I check my friends-list, I take 5 minutes to write about whatever. I'm doing it now. Suddenly, I am nervous and have no idea what to write. Something of significance?

I wanted to share some old posts with an LJ-friend, so I went through koliko. I must be my own biggest fan, because I couldn't stop reading! I found my own old blog to be quite engaging, so that was what brought me to the idea that I must keep it up, even if it's not in the shape that I want it to take. My time will come. Wait, didn't I say that, like, years ago? :)

It's been a really good past couple of years for me and for the family (I hope). After 3 years in Minsk, I realized I finally liked where we ended up. Lots of small but happy and positive developments. 2012 was really great. Nothing spectacular by common measures, but things like the Baptism of our Masha that took almost a year to happen and then unfolded like the most fabulous fairy tale. Three weeks at the Black Sea with my mom, the kids, Alex joining us at the end. Unforgettable. Many many great PEOPLE, books, podcasts (yeah!), blogs that literally changed my life. I feel that I am on a path to something *good*, more than I've ever felt it before. For a while there life was just sort of sweeping me away to places I may not have wanted to be, but went there anyway. Now I am dipping my toes into the *I* rule life attitude and it's starting to fit. I think I am recovering from an illness that was inflicted on me long long time ago. Not there yet but I see the light :)

Five Minutes are up.
Olisko: Handolisko on May 2nd, 2013 04:33 pm (UTC)
Thanks Ol'chik! Hope your sleep troubles fade away soon enough. Hugs.